Why did you chose MDC cosmetic as your exclusive retailer in Germany?


There is so much thought and care that goes into the sourcing and curating of brands at MDC with a craftsmanship piece at the heart which resonates with Perfumer H .  We are thrilled to be launching Perfumer H into MDC as the first store in Germany and look forward to building an enduring and successful relationship.

It is said that we cannot memorize scents, only recall them once they are in front of our noses. Could you please explain how you construct a once familiar scent like rhubarb from ingredients that are everything else but rhubarb?

This is the fun bit of perfumery where you take a smell that you have smelt since being a small child and through your olfactory wisdom and expertise, I construct the smell so he at has nuances of this vivid memory but also very importantly what I can combine with it so it sits beautifully on the skin for people to admire.

Smell and taste seem to trigger quite similar senses. With which ingredients do you like to cook?

I love cooking with seasonal vegetables and herbs…summer I love!

What do you love to eat, which cuisine, is there a special dish that you prefer?

I like to taste different  flavours  with spices, herbs, citrus oil and fruits…these tastes invigorate my palette. I like also like a dish when it has there ingredients that just pop like chilli, parsley and garlic.

Can you recall your first memory of a dear person’s scent?

My father wore «Vetiver» by Guérlain always.

You had a classical training in France. Why is the european tradition still dominant in your opinion? Do you have information about asian traditions in perfume making, or from the middle eastern sphere?

The Egyptians discovered the oils and were able to make magical potions from them and the French translated their original magic and made it more clean to wear fusing it with an alcoholic base.

Regarding trends that sprang more or less directly from globalization: What could become the next big thing in perfumery after Oud?

As perfumery opens up there is a better understanding of the art form; materials, the perfumer etc which makes trends less important in my view.

Can you please tell us a bit about the design process of the flacons for Perfumer H? 

We work closely with Michael Ruh our glass blower based in South London who creates all our handblown glass items, with the handblown fragrance flacons taking up to 3 days to make, each piece is completely unique and can be refilled for life.

Your break through was considered with a composition for a celebrity — who or what is your muse these days?

My son

In the process of composing — does it have to be completely quiet around you; or are you listening to some music?

I love Debussy, Eric Satie or Philip Glass…or Snowboarding in Argentina by Swayzak.


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