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orb-ital, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature
orb-ital, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature

orb-ital, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature

orb-ital - Eau de Parfum von Nomenclature aus dem Hause Aedes

It softens other materials, appeases tensions between musk, woody and floral notes, and makes perfume blends;light as clouds… Since the early 1990s, “the transparent woody-ambery odor of Iso E Super has shaped and defined;modern perfumery like hardly any other material,” writes the fragrance chemist Philip Kraft. With Orbitone,;Takasago offers a sophisticated, surprisingly textured version of this indispensable molecule.

The scent: Wood in orbit
Orbits are the result of a perfect balance between momentum and gravity. And in orb_ital, Patricia Choux has;brilliantly used the balancing qualities of her star molecule to create a new fragrant planetary system. Violet and;rhubarb; pepper, cedar and roast coffee; tobacco, smoke, and a whiff of struck match… Of the many facets spinning;around Orbitone the perfumer has picked pepper as the main force of attraction.;The spice’s cool-hot burn acts;from top to base notes in orb_ital, exerting its pull on a creamy sandalwood compound, Takasago’s Hindinol,;anchored by sacred olibanum.
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