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adr-ett, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature
adr-ett, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature

adr-ett, EdP, 100ml by nomenclature

adr-ett - Eau de Parfum von Nomenclature aus dem Hause Aedes

Part of the latest generation of synthetic musks, Helvetolide is particularly;valued for its delectable pear note, reminiscent of ambrette, a vegetal musk extracted from hibiscus seeds. It was;patented in 1991 by the Swiss company Firmenich, hence its name, derived from Helvetia, the Latin term for;Switzerland.

The scent: Zero Gravity Musk
Helvetolide gives off a softly enveloping, long-lasting aura; an otherworldly feeling of stillness and weightlessness.;Rather than using Helvetolide in a “classic” way to enhance other notes, Frank Voelkl boosts its ethereal vibe in a;futuristic composition that seems to conjure the scent of zero gravity.
A pink pepper comet brings out its fruitiness.;Cool, metallic iris underlines its affinities with ambrette (which has an iris facet). A nebula of vanilla, tonka bean and;ambergris underline its sensuousness. In German, adrett means “neat” or “dapper”: in this spare, smartly trimmed;scent, each element is essential – as it would be in outer space.
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